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Turbo Charge Your Facebook Ads

You have less then 15 seconds to grab someone's attention on your website before they're gone forever!

Meanwhile, you're doing well if 20% or more of your email list is even opening your emails.

So how to you speak to your customer if you're not even getting in front of them?

You can target and get in front of the people most likely to convert through Facebook advertising and you can take that one step further with the Facebook Pixel!

Using the Facebook Pixel the right way you can create dynamic pixel audiences and targeting.

The great thing is you only have to set it up once and it's done. You're then ready to enter a whole new world of Facebook advertising!

For just a few quid a day you get to show up inside messenger, the newsfeed, Instagram and even other websites around the web, and most importantly you'll be showing your ads to the people who are most likely to take the action you are aiming for.

When you reach your audience at that level, you become omnipresent in their news feed, build authority and convert browsers into buyers with ease and at a smaller cost!

The Facebook pixel can track data from anyone who's visited your site in the last 180 days.

Here's why you should care...

You can show ads to people that visited a specific page or engaged with your site in a certain way.

Powerful audiences like...

  • People who spent the most time on your site...

  • People who read a specific blog post...

  • People who landed on a sales page BUT didn't land on the "thank-you" page...

Hyper targeted ads to find the right people at the right time and become an authority in your niche.

Don't wait. 70% of visitors who abandon your site will never return, unless you "pixel" them and show ads to stay top of mind and bring them back into your world.

This will double your reach and traffic with qualified people who are already interested in your business. And you can do this with just £5 per day.

So want help Turbo Charging your Facebook Ads?

Get in touch if you want to learn exactly how we can use the Facebook Pixel to help your business drive more traffic and sales!

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