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Make the Leap to Facebook Business Manager

In the second of two posts on Facebook for Business, we are going to talk through some of the benefits of using Facebook Business Manager to help you look after your pages. At first glance these platforms can appear a little complicated to use, and although they do quite quickly become second nature, why should you bother?

The first and probably most significant benefit is that you can manage and organise your pages and people on one easy to access centralised dashboard. This allows you to streamline your workflows and responsibilities, which is particularly useful if you have several pages or employees you have to manage. This also means you can very easily control who has what access to each of your pages.

Used correctly the visibility the platform affords means it provides everyone with an apparent overarching view of the activity happening within the business. This makes it much easier to create collaboration opportunities within your team, supporting your Digital Marketing strategies and business vision.

With Facebook Business Manager it is easy to prepare reports or dashboards. You can use the pivot tables provided to add or remove any number of columns and options which will give you several customised ways to review your page activity or provide updates to clients and the rest of your business. ​ Business Manager also allows for your business notifications to be linked to your work email ID, which helps you to keep that work/ life balance in check, so no more work notifications on your personal Facebook page!

In addition to these benefits are all of the pros you can get from the integrated Ads Manager platform. If you want to find out more about this check out our previous post!

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