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Advertise Like a Boss with Facebook Ads Manager

Keeping on top of several different Facebook accounts can be quite a bit of work in itself. That’s why many businesses and agencies use Business Manager and Ads Manager to allow them access to several different accounts all in one place!

At first glance, these two platforms can appear confusing so we thought we’d pull together a quick summary to help you get the most out of your businesses Facebook! In the first of two posts, we are going to take a look at Facebook ads manager.

Facebook ads manager is specifically designed to create and manage ad campaigns. It gives you visibility of all the campaigns you are running even if that’s across several different pages. It also allows you to view the results of these campaigns in much more detail than the standard Facebook reports give you. But that's not all! Here are some more of the benefits...

Using the full Facebook advertising network

When you boost a post, you can only push them to your potential customer’s Facebook feeds. With Ads manager, you can still insert your ads into people's feeds, but you can also make full use of the Facebook advertising network giving you a much-improved reach opportunity.

Using specific advertising objectives

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits is that Ads manager provides the ability to do more than just boost posts which already exist on your feed. When boosting posts you can, of course, target an audience to a point, but Ads manager lets you start by choosing an objective. For example, you can focus your ad optimisation on conversions, brand awareness, video views or page likes, to name just a few.

Creative options

Once you’re creating ads from ad manager, the options to develop your ad’s creative to increase your engagement and tell a more in-depth brand story to your potential and past customers is much improved. There are many more ad formats which you can use to create ads including carousels, catalogues and live experiences.

Advanced targeting capabilities

The Ads manager platform also allows must more specific targeting. So not only can you target through the standard demographic attributes, but you can target, retarget and build new engaged audiences through the use of a tracking pixel on your website.

In summary

While it can be a little daunting at first look, it is well worth the initial effort to get set up and try out a few of the different options afforded to you in the platform. These capabilities allow you to lower your CPC (Cost Per Click), drive a high CTR (Click Through Rate) and drive more sales.

Alternatively, let us do the hard work for you! Get in touch and let’s discuss how we can help get you set up and support your business through more effective Facebook advertising spend!

Email info@blacksheepmarketing.co.uk to find out more.