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5 Reasons Small is Best

1) Cost

With a small marketing agency, you’re usually not paying for big swanky office space and fancy furniture. While there’s a lot to be said for spending time in one of London’s big agencies (those places are incredible) you are helping to cover their overheads and that will be reflected in their pricing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dismissing the service they offer or the environment they create; but it’s not for everyone's budget. Typically (and in our opinion) when working with smaller agencies, much more of your hard-earned marketing budget goes towards the expertise you're buying and, essentially, reaching new customers. It makes sense that with fewer overheads their services should be better value for you.

2) Attention

We all love a bit of attention...It’s not just us is it?! Unless you’re a massive brand with deep pockets, you’ll rarely (if at all) have access to the best talent that more prominent agencies have on their books. It’s simple (and rather crude), but with smaller marketing companies your business means more to them financially. This isn’t the only reason of course, but being a bigger fish in a smaller pond can definitely help you get the right level of focus on your business from your agency… and with so many companies to choose from it’s something to bear in mind.

3) The Right People

In smaller agencies, you’ll find that more often than not - everyone is involved in making sure your business is successful. In larger agencies access to the people at the top is rare. Even if they were there for the pitch, it’s unlikely you’ll see much of them after that. You will usually have a point of contact on a day to day basis with a smaller agency, but in a smaller office environment, you’ll find everyone from the founders to the work experience person working hard on and taking pride in working on your business objectives. A good idea can come from anywhere, but it’s also good to know that the people who run the company will be heavily invested in the future of your business.

4) Keeping it Local

There are many exciting, talented and award-winning agencies outside of our major cities - You’ve just got to find them. It’s more than likely that there are skilled marketing experts on your doorstep (ahem) - and if you’re willing to explore, you could reap the rewards. In our experience, not all the marketing hotshots end up in London. There's lots of talent hidden out in the sticks, and they could be working on your business. Also, it’s a bit like shopping for fresh produce, shop locally and save those food miles (except you’re buying marketing expertise, not carrots!)... You could save on long commutes, which you'll pay for whether you're making them or the agency, and you'll free up more face to face.

5) Friendly Advice

Most smaller agency founders love what they do - that’s why they decided to go out alone. In our experience, they’re usually more than happy to impart a bit of free wisdom, so make the most of this. Don’t be afraid to share a problem or ask a question - no matter how silly it might seem. Things are only easy when you know how! If this is the first time you’ve worked with someone on your marketing, then a small agency can feel less daunting. A bit of friendly advice from us is that you'll probably be spending quite a lot of time together so make sure you find someone you’re going to enjoy working with.

If you’d like to know more about our very own small agency, please get in touch. We won’t bite.

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