Over 30 years of marketing experience at the ready.

Black Sheep Marketing has been built to be a little different. Founders Rob and Mike (that's us!) have oodles of experience working for some of the UK's favourite brands...and have a proven track record of delivering successful campaigns for their clients.

Why are we different? Well, we don't have big fancy offices, massive teams of people or attractive receptionists to remember your name and make you tea on arrival. 

We're small (but growing because our clients keep telling other people about us!) and pride ourselves on offering great service and value to our clients. We can offer this because you're paying for the expertise, not the marble floors in our meeting rooms.

So if you're looking for committed, passionate and all round good folk to work with... then please give us a bell.

ps - we do love a good old chat over a nice cuppa. Just name the venue.


Rob and Mike